• School Funding and Expenditure

    “The following questions relate to school funding and expenditure for financial years: 2014-15 to 2016-17:- What was the high needs funding block income for each year? Total working budget on High Needs (after recoupment from EFA and other in year … Continue reading

  • Adult Social Care Funding

    I would like to request the following information on expenditure on adult social care services by Devon County Council A. Gross local authority expenditure (actual spending) on adult social care services in 2016/17, including details of: 1. Gross local authority … Continue reading

  • Adult Learning Disability Funding

    I would like to request the following information on expenditure on adult learning disabilities by Devon County Council. A. Gross local authority expenditure (actual spending) on all adult learning disabilities services in the financial year of 2016/17 (Please provide the … Continue reading

  • Local Authority Budgets

      “Please provide the following financial information:-   Gross local authority budget for the financial year 2016/17, including: Gross amount of central government allocations (Settlement Funding Assessment) for the financial year 2016/17 Gross amount of Council Tax revenue for the … Continue reading

  • What services does the council recharge from support services to service departments? For each below, please indicate each of the following: yes it is recharged or no it is not recharged; whether it is done by allocation, apportionment or SLA-based … Continue reading

  • Finance Sytems

    1. Does the council outsource their transactional services to another authority or shared service? No 2. Which Finance system is used by the authority (Oracle, Agresso, Sage, E-Financial, SAP etc.) Finest – supported by Software AG 3. Has this finance … Continue reading

  • Draft Budget 2018/19

    When will the council publish the draft budget for the 2018/19 financial year?   The target date for publication is 01 February 2018.  Where on its website will the budget documents be published? The budget documents will be published on … Continue reading

  • Income from Schools

    “I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information.  Please provide the information in the Excel template provided (attached).  1.  What was the total income received from each of the following types … Continue reading

  • Donations to Schools

    How much money was donated by individuals to schools in your area last year? (NB: “Last year” should ideally refer to the financial year 2016/17, but academic or calendar year is also fine if that is easier for you to … Continue reading