• Braunton Air Quality Management Area

    I hereby request that you provide the meeting minutes and any other retained notes for the Braunton Air Quality Management Area technical working group and associated discussions of the county council and it’s officers since 2010 We can confirm that … Continue reading

  • Speed Checks, A39, Barbrook

    Data results of speed checks carried out using Council speed data box, in August 2017 on the A39 at Cherrybridge, Barbrook. The results of the traffic speed survey for A39 Barbrook, undertaken in August 2017 together with a location plan … Continue reading

  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

    “Please state the name of the Authority? Devon County Council Please state approx Population in your district? The population of the area administered by Devon County Council is 787,000 available online at https://new.devon.gov.uk/factsandfigures/data-table/?postId=mid-year-population-estimates&geography=464 Do you currently have any public on … Continue reading

  • Contaminated Land

    We are interested in analysing the contaminated land around UK. Can you please share the shape file showing the contaminated land in Devon County Council? The Contaminated Land Register is a requirement of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the … Continue reading

  • Reprocessing plastic

    On your website http://www.recycledevon.org/what-happens-to-your-recycling you state: “Plastic: What happens: plastic is sorted into different grades and then sent to the correct reprocessor where it is turned into new plastic items such as bottles, fleeces and food containers.” I would be grateful … Continue reading

  • Tree Preservation Orders

    Could you tell me how many individual Tree Preservation Orders are currently administered by the Council? NIL. Devon County Council has elected not to exercise this power and this function is being carried out by district, city and unitary councils. … Continue reading

  • Vehicles owned/ operated by Devon County Council

    Please supply the following information relating to ALL vehicles operated by the Council 1. Fleet Number 2. Reg Number 3. Vehicle Type 4. Department Operting 5. Town base A list of vehicles operated by the council can be viewed here