• Holiday Childcare

    Price and sufficiency of holiday childcare in your local authority. This information will be used for our Holiday Childcare Survey 2018. 2018 Holiday Childcare Survey for local authorities in England please click on the link provided.

  • Contacts for LEA / education team

    Contact information for the following members of your Local Education Authority / Education and Schools team:  Member of staff responsible for RE/PSHE/Citizenship/Bullying   Paul Delbridge-Smith, Head of Quality & Standards (Babcock LDP)  Member of staff responsible for Inclusion/ethnic minority achievement/equalities   … Continue reading

  • Unregistered supplementary schools

    Please disclose how many: * illegal * unregistered * supplementary schools you have in your area; how many of each are linked to mosques or the Islamic faith; how many children are taught in the schools linked to mosques or … Continue reading

  • Elective Home Education numbers

    Request:  “Please disclose the number of children registered as Elective Home Education during the academic years 2012-13, 13-14, 14-15, 15-16, 16-17; Please provide a breakdown for each year showing how many were of primary age and how many secondary age.” … Continue reading

  • Elective Home Education

    “I would like to know which department within Devon County Council local authority deals with elective home education? The service sits under Devon County Council (DCC) Children’s Services, Education and Learning.  However, Babcock LDP is commissioned on behalf of DCC … Continue reading

  • School Employment Data

    How many nursery schools are there within your council region? 2 How many nursery schools within your council region have a male head teacher? 0 (none) How many nursery teachers are currently employed by schools within your council region? 7 … Continue reading

  • Home Education Bill Communications

    Request: “Please provide a copy of all communications (if any) specific to the Home Education Bill from or to your local authority between 2016 – 2017. This includes, but is not limited to; Lord Soley, the House of Lords, other … Continue reading