• Primary and secondary school teachers 2015-2021

    How many full-time primary and secondary school teachers were employed in your LEA in 2015/16. 2016/17, and 2017/18.  2015/2016 – 5584 2016/2017 – 6491 2017/2018 – data not available until November 2018  November 2016 and November 2017 statistics can be … Continue reading

  • Numbers of Children in Elective Home Education

    Please provide the total number of children in Elective Home Education at any point in the school years of 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17. This information is publicly available on the Babcock LDP website under ‘Facts and Figures’.

  • Vision Impairment Survey

    Local Authority Education provision for children and young people with vision impairment 2018 Survey

  • Special Educational Needs Statements

    I would like to know how many children were on your register as having a Statement of Special Educational Needs prior to the introduction of EHCPs on 1 September 2014.  3,849  I would like to know how many children identified … Continue reading

  • SEN funding and agency spend

    Could you please provide information regarding pupil premium, sen funding and external agency spend by school i.e: £xxxxx school, £ xxxxx amount pupil premium, £xxxx amount of SEN funding, £xxxx amount agency spend on supply staff. Please be advised that … Continue reading

  • Elective Home Education

    “I am researching Elective Home Education and would be very grateful if you could assist by providing the following information:- 1) Does your Local Education Authority (LEA) operate a voluntary registration scheme for pupils undergoing elective home education (EHE)? Voluntary … Continue reading

  • Holiday Childcare

    Price and sufficiency of holiday childcare in your local authority. This information will be used for our Holiday Childcare Survey 2018. 2018 Holiday Childcare Survey for local authorities in England please click on the link provided.