• School transport routes

    I would like to make request for a list of all school routes in the North Devon Area by name only.  Please see the list available via the link below: Bus routes

  • Penalty Notice

    Could I please have a copy of the delegation in writing to “The Penalty Notice Officer” from the Head of Education & Learning of the power to issue “Penalty Notices” referred to in the last entry for the Head of … Continue reading

  • New IT Printing System

    Please provide the following information on the above:- a) The tender procedure for this ‘new’ system (as reported in the press this week). b) The financial cost, including staff time. c) Who had budgetary responsibility? d) Who had operational responsibility? … Continue reading

  • New IT Printing System

    I would like to request details on the “new IT printing system” being trialed by the DCC Leadership Group. 1. The name of main IT contractor responsible 2. The software and hardware used. 3. The specific word processing software licensed … Continue reading

  • IT system in Education

    The cost spent to date and vendor of the new “IT Printing System” that the Education Department has been trialling for legal notices including all software components. Also a list of all errors found with the software and system and … Continue reading

  • SEN for Gipsy and Traveller Children

    “I would like to know how much the council’s focus on specialist educational support services for gypsy and traveler children has changed over the past 10 years. As such, could the following information please be made available: a) The amount … Continue reading

  • Pupil Numbers and Funding

    “I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I would like to receive information regarding local authority spending on schools. Specifically, I would like to receive a list of local authority schools in this borough … Continue reading

  • Child work permits

    1a) How many applications for child work permits have you received so far in 2018 (1 Jan-30 June)? The total completed between 1/01/18 and 30/06/18 is 547. 1b) How many of these applications have been approved? All of the above … Continue reading

  • Elective Home Education

    Request: “I am writing to ask for details regarding children who have been electively home educated. Please provide: 1. The numbers of students who have been in EHE (elective home education) for any period of the school year 2017/18. Please … Continue reading