• Deferred entry for summer born children

    In the below request, I refer to summer born children as those born between April 1st and August 31st. All questions below relate specifically to parental requests for summer born children to be admitted to reception, rather than year one, … Continue reading

  • Education Information

    I would like to make a Freedom of Information Request for the following: • The LEA accessibility strategy Please see the attached documentation available via the link below: https://devoncc.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/PublicDocs/InfoMgt/ESogESJ-wUlNq52y9829M8ABstVmS6IR1zaoK9i-xaZkMQ?e=IOpL36 • The number of schools that have accessibility plans as a … Continue reading

  • School employment

    I am conducing a study on staff retention and recruitment in the education sector and hope to publish my results before the year is out. I am therefore making a request under Freedom of Information for numerical data that is … Continue reading

  • Transgendered students

    1. How many transgender students currently attend schools in your local education authority area? 2. How many transgender students have attended schools in your local education authority area in the preceding 3 years? (Please include data for each year) 3. … Continue reading

  • Education Staff and Management Systems

    1. Who is the Director of Education at the Council? Jo Olsson, Chief Officer Children’s Services; Dawn Stabb, Head of Education and Learning. 2. How many staff are employed to support the education management system in the Council? There are … Continue reading

  • School Improvement Figures

    How many school improvement officers did your authority employ in 2010/11?  Four members of staff where the job title is School Improvement Officer.  There are other school improvement staff but their job titles are not school improvement officers, e.g. subject … Continue reading

  • Uplyme School information

    Uplyme Parish Council are about to embark on a traffic management study. Traffic issues were a major item of concern that were reflected in the Neighbourhood Plan which is now ‘made’ and as such has legal status. As part of … Continue reading

  • Sexual misconduct schools

    Could you please disclose how many incidents of sexual misconduct whether that be harassment, inappropriate touching, assault, or sharing of explicit images of another pupil, were recorded at schools in your area. Please note, I am only interested in “peer … Continue reading

  • School Exclusions

    How many pupils have been excluded from school in the last three years? Could this information be split into age groups? How many pupils were excluded from an academy? How many pupils were excluded from a council-run school? How many … Continue reading