• CCTV maintenance and support contract

    I have been provided with your email to submit a request for information. The information I require is to do with the organisation’s CCTV maintenance and support contract. Please can you send me the information stated below: 1. Supplier of … Continue reading

  • Multi-service contracts

    I would be most grateful if you would provide me, under the Freedom of Information Act, details in respect to the contracts below. • Electrical Maintenance • HVAC Maintenance • Security Systems Maintenance • Fire Prevention Systems and Maintenance • … Continue reading

  • Amount of inbound calls

    Using your telephone system call data/analytics as generally provided by your telephone system provider and/or telephone line provider or available from them upon your request please send me the following information for each month within the time period: 1st July … Continue reading

  • Software Licence Review

    Can you provide a response to whether Devon County Council has been the subject of a ‘software license review’ or software audit in 2015-2018 by Oracle, SAP, IBM or Microsoft?  Yes, Devon County Council has been the subject of a … Continue reading

  • Brexit

    This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I would like to you send me all documents produced since June 2016 by members or staff of your council, or consultancy advice to the council, containing analysis of the … Continue reading

  • Blue Badges issued in Teignmouth

    How many people living in Teignmouth have been issued with a Blue Badge. The number of Blue Badges issued within the Teignmouth postal address during the last financial year is 12.

  • Vacant Council Properties

    I would like to know a full list of Vacant Properties held by your organisation and any of its subsidiaries. As at the date of this FOI response Devon County Council has 25 vacant properties. Of the 25 sites; 2 … Continue reading

  • Non-Road Mobile Machinery

    How many types of Non-Road Mobile Machinery (including outdoor blowers, pedestrian lawnmowers, chainsaws, grass trimmers) are in your inventory (or your grounds maintenance contractors) in 2018? Since 2014 the majority of our grounds maintenance work has been carried out by … Continue reading