• Energy Supply Contracts

    Please provide me with the following information:  Who, in your organisation, is responsible for deciding how your energy is bought?  Please provide the full name, title, email address and telephone number. Energy contract: Gavin Punchard; email gavin.punchard@devon.gov.uk Energy management: Alastair … Continue reading

  • Asbestos in Schools

    Oldway Primary School, Paignton and Goosewell Primary School, Plymouth  from April 1984 to April 1998 (Pre-1998 Unitary Authority Designation)  Please specifically identify and provide details (including dates) of any substantive renovation, demolition or asbestos removal/encapsulation works which have taken place to these … Continue reading

  • List of Council suppliers

    I require a list of all suppliers you purchase goods or services from and the annual value you bought from them in your last financial year. Devon County Council’s spend per supplier for financial year 2016 / 2017

  • Emergency Planning

    Within the council, who is the person that is responsible for emergency planning?  Emergency Planning is managed within Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity and as such the Head of Service is the responsible Chief Officer.  For any queries on … Continue reading

  • Local Government Estates Strategy

    Whether your Local Authority has any plans to establish or move any of its municipal offices to new premises or to redevelop existing premises in the coming five years. Devon County Council do not currently have any plans for relocation … Continue reading

  • Services that generate profit

    Which of your services trade to generate profit (please include services delivered through arms-length companies or similar bodies)?   Facilities Management services, Devon Norse Property consultancy services, NPS SW Education support services, Babcock LDP How many staff are employed in each … Continue reading

  • Outbound mail

    1) How does your organisation pay for postage on outbound mail? • Franking machine • Royal Mail PPI or OBA account • Downstream Access provider • Hybrid Mail solution • Other (please specify) Across a variety of sites Devon County … Continue reading

  • Grounds care

    I would like to request some specific information under The Freedom of Information Act. Details below. Name, job title, email and telephone number of the person responsible for managing the groundscare/ open spaces, including recreational parks and anywhere else you … Continue reading

  • Organisational Structure Charts

    I would like to place particular emphasis on the structures of; Estates and Facilities, Hotel Services, Capital Projects, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Procurement, Contracts and Supply Chain departments and Executive Team. Devon County Council’s structure charts are publicly available on … Continue reading

  • Homelessness assessments

    Request Query 1: Homelessness presentations, assessments, and eligibility in 2015-16 (Rows B – H of the template.csv) Within your local authority, what were the number of 16-24 year olds who: 1)         Presented themselves as homeless, or at risk of homelessness … Continue reading