• Software Used for FOI and complaints

    “What is the name of the organisation/service/authority you represent?  Devon County Council If the information I am requesting is available elsewhere (eg, s21) please can you tell me where I can find it? This information is not available elsewhere. What … Continue reading

  • Complaints – annual totals and processes

    1)For the years 2007 – 2017 and 01/01/2018 – 28/08/2018 – how many complaints against the council have been registered by your county council? For reference, a complaint against a council may consist purely on an administrative error or it … Continue reading

  • Neighbours’ fences or hedges

    Please could you provide a full list of complaints made to the council between January 2012 – May 2018, which about a neighbours fence or hedge. Please include: • A total number of complaints per year • A total number … Continue reading

  • Riverside Court, Tiverton

    Request: “Re Riverside Court Chapel Street, Tiverton EX16 6AJ. Riverside Court was a 9 bed recovery unit for MH patients commissioned by DPT to support provider Rethink, leased from DCHA and closed in Jan 2016. Please can you tell me … Continue reading

  • Devon Highways Enquiry ENQ181076522

    Request: “I request all details of Devon Highways enquiry ENQ181076522 In particular, but not restricted to: How the request came in; Date/time; Exact transcript of the call from caller and operator; Length of call; Whether the caller was male/female; If … Continue reading