• Conduct and disciplinary processes

    I would like copies of your policies pertaining to disciplinary action & conduct for employees and contractors. Policies that deal with negligence and child protection. Here is a link to our Conduct and Disciplinary Policy – applying to employees and … Continue reading

  • Eclipse system savings benchmarking

    1.Please provide a copy of all committee papers which detail the business case for moving to OLM Eclipse The business case was not approved by a council committee, therefore we do not hold this information. 2. In the minutes of … Continue reading

  • Recruitment of international child social workers

    These questions concern the strategic recruitment of ethnic, international child protection social workers (Childrens Department). Please distinguish between country of birth, of training and employment. Namibians, Botswanana, Zambians and Zimbabweans tend to get lumped together as South Africans which is … Continue reading

  • Accommodated asylum seekers and spend

    Please confirm whether your council has volunteered to take in asylum seekers and send me the number of asylum seekers that your council has accommodated since January 1st 2018. We have interpreted your question to refer to the number of … Continue reading

  • Children placed in care

    Please can you provide me the the current percentage data of children being placed in care? For example, if children’s services are involved in 100 cases, what percentage are placed into care? The percentage on December 31st 2018 was 20.7%. What … Continue reading

  • Looked after children – externally placed

    1.How many children are currently externally placed in the care of other local authorities; • As at 31st October there were 172 Looked after Children placed outside of the local authority boundary. 2.Please detail the accommodation costs incurred, per annum, … Continue reading

  • Young Carer Assessments

    How many young carers were assessed through the statutory assessment process via Adults Social care or Children’s Services from October 1st, 2017 to September 30th, 2018.  It would be helpful to have this figure split (one figure for Adult Services … Continue reading