• Organisations that work with children in your area

    I am looking for information on any organisations that work with children in your area. Please could you split the information in to different sectors (Early Years, Education, Fostering (IFAs), Children’s Placements, Leisure, Faith Groups (incl. Madrassas / Sunday Schools) … Continue reading

  • Troubled Families filter

    Could you please provide me with each of the local filter criteria you used during the first phase of the Troubled Families Programme. If you changed your local filter criteria during the first phase of the programme, could you please … Continue reading

  • Current adoption figures

    How many families are currently receiving Adoption Allowance from your Council?   74   On behalf of how many adopted children?   105   NOTE: We can confirm that these figures are valid as of June 2017

  • Child Protection home visits

    The mean average home visits conducted my Devon children service for children under child in need plan between September 2015 to June 2016 The average number of visits that took place between 1st September 2015 and 30th June 2016 for … Continue reading

  • Children were reported missing in 2016

    Request How many children were reported missing in 2016 How many children were missing more than once How many children were missing frequently How many children were missing for more than 24 hours, 48 hours , 72 hours, a week, … Continue reading

  • Lone child refugee intake

    How many unaccompanied minors has your council taken in overall over the past year (April 2016 – March 2017)?   Twenty, including a number that have since left the care of the council. How many unaccompanied minors are in the care of … Continue reading

  • Troubled Families programme

    1. Does the work of your Troubled Families programme(s) include help for parents to work through difficulties in their couple relationships as well as with their parenting skills? If yes, please describe in as much detail as possible what work … Continue reading