• Social Care Fee Rates

    Request “Please provide information in relation to the following: Fee rates (£s) What was the lowest rate (£ per week) you paid for placing a person in your area for 2017/18 and 2018/19. Please disregard Funding Nursing Care (FNC) from … Continue reading

  • Riverside Court, Tiverton

    Request: “Re Riverside Court Chapel Street, Tiverton EX16 6AJ. Riverside Court was a 9 bed recovery unit for MH patients commissioned by DPT to support provider Rethink, leased from DCHA and closed in Jan 2016. Please can you tell me … Continue reading

  • Learning disabilities and care

    If you do provide social care, how many people in your area are in receipt of services relating to social care? What percentage of them are adults with learning disabilities? Please state if you do not hold this information. As … Continue reading

  • Carer’s allowance

    I wish to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I would like to know: 1. The number of people receiving a carers allowance in your local authority each year from 2015 to the present day (or … Continue reading

  • Training provided to Social Workers

    Please can you provide me with details of the training provided to social workers who take part in CHC assessments with the local CCG. Ideally you have a single training guide for social workers available as a PDF which covers … Continue reading

  • Health and Care Integration in Devon

    Request: “Following the Cabinet meeting of 14th March, would you please supply details of the Risk Assessment, Impact Assessment and Equality Statement as they relate to the Health and Care integration in Devon.” Response: The integration of health and care … Continue reading

  • Devon Social Services Management Structure

    List of all of the individual teams within Children’s and Young Peoples social Service’s also including the names and contact numbers of all team managers Children’s and Young Peoples Social Services Structure Chart with names. All of the individual teams … Continue reading

  • Elderly Care Homes Spaces and Cost

    “I am currently working on a project about care homes across the UK. As part of this, and if possible, could you please answer the following questions? How many available spaces are there currently in the elderly care homes in … Continue reading