• Neurological conditions and available care

    The aim of this FOIA request – which is being sent out to 150 Local Authorities across England –is to gain a more robust understanding of the provision of services for individuals with neurological conditions and a better understanding of … Continue reading

  • Mental health policy and criteria

    I would like a copy of the Local Authority Policy that states that if a person receives Local Authority respite monies that is being used for a holiday that has been agreed and fully supported by the Local Authority and … Continue reading

  • Adult social care reform – the Care Act

    QUESTION 1 How many staff hours were assigned to internal council staff towards implementing these policies? Devon County Council does not record this data therefore, this information is not held.  How many staff hours were contracted out to external individuals/organisations … Continue reading

  • Homeless support contracts

    1. Have any floating tenancy support services which can be accessed by people with a history of rough sleeping, been provided within your local area at any point between the financial years 2013/14 – 2017/18? Please specify the years in … Continue reading

  • Care home fees and client numbers

    What is the average weekly fee (to the nearest £) currently (financial year 2018/19) being paid by your authority to support older (65+) residents of independent sector care homes in a) residential care – £595 b) nursing care – £664 … Continue reading

  • Day centre funding

    1)How many partially or fully Local Authority funded Day Centres were open at the end of each of the following years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017? Year Number open on 31/03 that year 2010- 2011 106 2011 … Continue reading

  • Care packages – client contributions

    How do you calculate the level of contribution that adult social care recipients should make to their care packages? We complete a financial assessment as per Care and Support Statutory Guidance issued under the Care Act 2014 the Department of … Continue reading