• Learning disabilities and autism

    1) How many people with learning disabilities and/or autism have you placed out of area under Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards or the Mental Health Act in each of the last 5 financial years? Please provide the total number for each … Continue reading

  • Better Care Fund

    1. Is the Local Authority the ‘host body’ under local section 75 agreements relating to the BCF? Yes, Devon County Council is the designated host. 2. What was the total pooled Better Care Fund budget for 2016-17 and 2017-18, including … Continue reading

  • Social care and personal health budgets

    Social Care Financial Review 1. Has the council undertaken any financial reviews to identify erroneous payments with regards to social care funding allocation or payments in the last five financial-years (2012/13 – 2017/18)? a. If so, please state who conducted … Continue reading

  • Adult Social Care Assistive Technology

    1.Does your Authority have a dedicated Telecare Team/Assistive Technology team ‘ if yes, who is the Manager for this service and what is his/her email address? No, Devon County Council (The Council) does not have a dedicated Telecare / Assistive … Continue reading

  • Live-in care packages

    Please could you let me know the number of live-in care packages you have commissioned over the past 5 years from 2013 – this can either be per calendar year or financial year depending on the way you record data. … Continue reading

  • Daily living aids

    -How many ‘daily living aids’ (eg commodes, bedraisers, tables, hoists etc) were issued to patients by the Council (Adult Social Care or similar department) in the last financial year In response to this and all of the subsequent questions we … Continue reading

  • Average Care Home Fees

    I am writing to you with regard to your authority’s response to a recent FOI request on fees paid to independent sector care homes.  Because of a concerning frequency of anomalies (in some cases, greater than 10% differences compared with … Continue reading

  • Care provider costs and accommodation information

    1) How many care providers of Supported Living for adults with learning disabilities/mental health does the council have contracts with? If possible, please list these providers. We can confirm Devon County Council defines ‘supported Living’ as a specified building for … Continue reading