Share a story

Stories can come from anywhere across the county, whether the change is big or small, you just need to have helped improve the lives of someone, be it a customer, a colleague or you.

Stories can be shared anyway you like, it could be a photo or two with an explanation, a powerpoint presentation if you are feeling creative, a video, a cartoon or drawing or a few lines in your own voice.

If you’d find it easier to use a template, you can find one on the ‘resources’ page.

Stories are best shared, we’d love it if you could help tell others about 100 days of change. To help you do this we have created some simple posters for you to print out and display. You can find all of these on the ‘resources’ page.

Once you’ve shared a story or two we’ll send you an e-badge that you can add to your email signature to show you’ve taken part.

The most important thing is that stories are shared – that’s it!

You can email your story to>

We’re looking forward to hearing your story

The 100 days team