100 days of Change

Gamification and Project Management – Rob’s Story

The Art of Gamification applied to Project Management Back in 2009 myself and a colleague from Workforce Development ran a Project Management Course for a group of 14 DCC Staff. A day after we ran the programme we received from … Continue reading

Keeping in touch with the team – Niki’s Story

I’m a Family Practitioner in the Initial Response Team for North Devon and I need to be able to keep in touch with all of my team members wherever I happen to be working that day – which is in … Continue reading

Accommodation and IT – Steve’s Story

Project Manager Steve Rowland managed the accommodation and ICT approach for the first floor of the annexe which has brought new devices and a new working environment to the teams working there. I think we’re all aware of the changes … Continue reading

S.S. Freshspring – Cllr Dezart’s Story

This is a story from Councillor Gaston Dezart when he met John Puddy and the opportunity for the community and learning that developed:- Until I met John Puddy I had never heard of the Steamship Freshspring Society or Jobs in … Continue reading

When you talked to someone new – Story Questions

In this quick post we start off a series of story prompts. Stories for 100 days of change don’t have to be big, they can be small things that lead to something that makes a difference, for example the title … Continue reading

Work Experience – Issac’s Story

My name is Issac – I’m 19 years old, I live in Exeter and I’ve been in care for 15 years now. I became a care leaver 2-3 years ago, I am now living independently and I’m currently looking into … Continue reading

Creating a Dementia Friendly City – Gina’s Story

As part of my Health and Social Care degree I signed up for the Dementia Care module and through my research discovered the Government Dementia Strategy which included Dementia Friends. What interested me was the opportunity to take the FREE … Continue reading

Code Club – Lucy’s Story

A few months ago, I started work on a new project which involved a lot of data and data visualisation; it occurred to me that I could do some parts of it much more efficiently using something like Google charts … Continue reading

South and West Devon Community Enabling Team – Debbie’s Story

This was one of many good news stories that I could have told however, this stuck out  in my mind as this lady was in danger of  becoming depressed  and her quality of life was in decline as she no … Continue reading

Help shape the future direction of Performance Reviews – Hack Day

Be part of an innovative approach to change and have your say on how we shape the future of appraisals and supervision at Devon County Council, starting with a hack day on: Wednesday 13 April at Exeter CVS, King William … Continue reading

Raising money for voluntary services – Sarah’s Story

Care Direct Plus North – Raising money for voluntary services that they refer service users to… what goes around, comes around! Care Direct Plus North is based in Barnstaple and we carry out needs assessments with adults to help put … Continue reading

A way to help with story telling – Appreciative Interviews

On our resources page we have a link a word document called Appreciative Interviews to help with telling stories. This is a technique that you could or suggest could be used in a team meeting or workshop to share success … Continue reading

Supporting serendipity – Randomised Coffee Trials

Do you ever feel that there are far too many people in your organisation that you would like to talk to, but never get the chance? Do you also feel that is too awkward/bothersome/intrusive to ask point blank for a … Continue reading

A Chameleon talks change! – Ziggy’s story

As a chameleon you’d think I like change but actually I don’t need to change colour to protect myself from predators – I can run pretty fast thank you very much ; fast enough to escape the hungry jaws of … Continue reading

A story about open data – Jo’s Story

Workforce Data needn’t be dull! Workforce data might not be seen by all as the most exciting topic, but for those of us who work with it, it is critical to help us understand our workforce and to inform decision … Continue reading

Improving early help – Sam’s Story

Care leavers help to improve Early Help working practice Sam Heaton, Participation Apprentice, Children’s Social Work & Child Protection, along with three other young people delivered a presentation to the Early Help Group to make better work practice within their … Continue reading

System thinking – Jo’s Story

Using Systems Thinking in HR We’ve been using the Systems Thinking methodology in HR to look at some of our processes, with the aim of streamlining and improving efficiency. A group of staff from all parts and levels of HR … Continue reading

Learning from others – School for Health and Care Radicals

The School for Health and Care Radicals 2016 – Starts this week on Thursday 4th February 2016. The school is brought to you by NHS Horizons Group, the School is entirely online, free, backed by the world’s largest health organisation: … Continue reading

A learning journal – Carl’s Story

What did I do I started publicly blogging in June 2008 as a method of recording and sharing my thoughts, It was a scary experience to start with, I felt vulnerable opening myself up to others, wondering what people would … Continue reading

Coaching for change – Katie’s Story

My previous role was as a manager of a very busy team in Mid/East Devon supporting vulnerable young people on a 1:1 basis to ensure that resilience was built up through some positive interaction with wonderful workers i.e. – my … Continue reading

Delivering differently – Mark’s Story

As a Devon County Council Locality Lead for Ottery St Mary I help as an intermediary for issues or challenges the community are facing that may sometimes get caught up in our bureaucracy. As part of my role I have … Continue reading

Archair coding – John’s Story

Last January (2015) I joined the Armchair Coding Club that Lucy Knight had organised – an informal club for members to help each other start learning or improve their existing computer and coding skills. In the club we have looked … Continue reading

Designing the chameleon – Lesley’s Story

Meet our first change maker – logo winner Lesley Robbins We wanted to find out more about our winning logo designer as the chameleon has been such a success. It turns out that as well as a being an artist, … Continue reading

Parking exemptions for front-line staff – Sally’s Story

Sally has been looking for ways to improve recruitment and retention in commissioned community-based personal care.  Through listening to providers and shadowing a care worker, she discovered that parking was a major problem for workers across Devon, particularly in urban … Continue reading

Group supervision – Marion’s Story

I was asked to develop a model for group supervision and having qualified as an action learning facilitator I used this learning to base the model on. I am also a coach and very signed up to this style of … Continue reading

Enabling teams – Sarah’s Story

It was with trepidation that I started the process of applying for a post for the ‘new’ Enabling Teams.  Would I be successful? Would the new Enabling format work? How was everything going to fit together? – It was all … Continue reading

Design for success – Kelly’s Story

The Devon Armed Forces Community Wellbeing Partnership asked me to create a booklet telling veterans in Devon what services are available to help them successfully make the transition to civilian life. I suggested following the ‘double diamond’ design process to … Continue reading

A template for change – Will’s Story

Starting a new role 3 years ago, I quickly became overawed with the volume of work. I needed to do something about it, and investigated ways to improve my time management. This resulted in a number of changes, including setting … Continue reading

100 days of change is here

Every day from Monday 18th January 2016 to Wednesday 27th April 2016 we will share inspiring stories of change here. Through 100 days of change we hope to connect people from across Devon to share good ideas and inspire connections … Continue reading