It’s a chance to talk about what you are doing to make a difference for customers and colleagues, to inspire others to make a change. Doing things differently is not easy and seeing what has already been done will encourage others to have a go.

What can you share?

Share and discover brilliant change stories that are happening across Devon.

How are we coming together to make a difference?

Every day from Monday 18th January 2016 to Wednesday 27th April 2016 we will share inspiring stories of change on our website.

Through 100 days of change we hope to connect people from across Devon to share good ideas and inspire connections and learning.

This is our opportunity to promote positive action that will become part of the story of how Devon is changing.

Three Good Reasons to get involved:

  1. You have a story that you would like to share with others.
  1. You want to connect with other people — meet new colleagues, be part of a growing network to get and give help, support and inspiration.
  1. You want to learn about change that is happening in other parts of the organisation and throughout Devon.

When is it?

Monday 18th January to Wednesday 27th April 2016