Keeping in touch with the team – Niki’s Story

I’m a Family Practitioner in the Initial Response Team for North Devon and I need to be able to keep in touch with all of my team members wherever I happen to be working that day – which is in any part of North Devon, I have been using a Windows  laptop and a Blackberry for the last year (due to upgrade to a Lumia some time soon).

As well as needing  to travel around the county on visits, we also need to be able to respond to certain situations  very quickly, so we can’t risk not being contactable. What I’ve been pleased about is the fact that this technology has turned out to be very reliable, and has helped members of this team work more effectively from wherever they are.

I know there is a myth that because agile workers  don’t always see each other face to face that we’re not necessarily as well connected with colleagues or managers, but I really do think that our culture is changing here, where working flexibly has become the norm – and because we have the technology to support us, we’re all very comfortable with it.

I can do everything I do in the office, but at home, or wherever I happen to be that day – and  my desktop looks the same wherever I am. For example, we use Lync for messaging and for virtual meetings, so each of us can be contactable at any point of the working day. We have got a truly mobile way of working now.

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