Work Experience – Issac’s Story

My name is Issac – I’m 19 years old, I live in Exeter and I’ve been in care for 15 years now. I became a care leaver 2-3 years ago, I am now living independently and I’m currently looking into my first privately rented flat.

I have been doing many things for Devon County Council for around 3 years; this includes things like head of service interviews as a part of the young people panel, as well as interviewing for other roles in the service.

I have been working for Devon County Council for approximately 6 months as part of a work experience scheme. In the last one hundred days my job has gone from a care leaver to a valued member of staff. Since I started my work experience year here, 3 cohorts of newly qualified social workers have come in from university and have started their one year in assessed and supported year in employment, that means I have seen and spoke to around 50 newly qualified social workers and told them my story of being in care.

On day one of their induction days I come in and tell them about my story and this always goes down very well and in their evaluation I always get brought up, which is a very nice feeling,

I am currently also looking into my lifeguard qualification, as lifeguarding has been one of my interests for some time, this will allow me to go into roles as a swim instructor and also a surf instructor, specifically working with children and young people as I want to continue to help young people who have been through what I have.

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