Raising money for voluntary services – Sarah’s Story

Care Direct Plus North – Raising money for voluntary services that they refer service users to… what goes around, comes around!

Care Direct Plus North is based in Barnstaple and we carry out needs assessments with adults to help put together an appropriate an effective care package for them. We are really focused on ensuring we get the best support available for our service users and have worked hard to build up strong relationships with the various private, charity and volunteer services that we have in the area.

Part of our role is to build rapport with our service users as some can be very overwhelmed by the process, as well as be reluctant to be honest about their capabilities.

During one of the many conversations staff have every day with users, one lady talked about her love of knitting and that she had made poppies for Remembrance Day. The team member Mel Webber was really taken with this story and ended up selling the poppies to the rest of the team and others. Because she raised £300 and the service user was delighted! It had much more of a positive impact on her health and wellbeing as well because. She has enjoyed getting back to her knitting and enjoyed helping others and also having contact with the worker.

Along the way the team have built up a great working relationship with voluntary services through raising money to assist them to assist the community and enable Social Care to continue to use voluntary provided services.

The cinnamon trust is another voluntary provider which is local to us and we use this to support people with pets to enable them to have these pets looked after at times of ill health or social need. we managed to raise £140 for this charity and as well as this we have four staff members who also volunteer for them.

The team have supported a team of young boys from Petroc College to go to Romania to support with teaching Tag Rugby. We have raised money for Dan’s Fund a Charity close to Nell’s heart one of the team managers as they supported her son Jack when he had an awful accident a few years ago.

We collected 21 shoe boxes full of toiletries, hats, scarfs and gloves and small gifts to support the homeless here in Barnstaple area and this enabled us to meet with the workers within the Freedom centre, where we have been able to build relationships and have more of a knowledge of how they work and how we can support them when these people are supported with homes and need support for their own needs.

The team has been quietly working together to raise this money over the past 8 years and in total has raised over £10,000. I believe it is time to recognise the team for what they continue to do as they truly Care for others in need.

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