A Chameleon talks change! – Ziggy’s story

As a chameleon you’d think I like change but actually I don’t need to change colour to protect myself from predators – I can run pretty fast thank you very much ; fast enough to escape the hungry jaws of someone out to eat me.

But changing colour is a great way of fitting into my surroundings and to get more from it. If I’m cold, then if I become dark I can get warmer quicker. If I become light, I am suddenly more attractive to others, hmm hmm!

Ironically my biggest role model, David Bowie of course, never really saw himself as a chameleon – “For me a chameleon is something that disguises itself to look as much like its environment as possible. I always thought I did exactly the opposite of that.”

But I like the idea that when my world changes, I can keep up with it and change too. Not many other animals can do that and certainly no human…. but though you don’t change the colour of your skin you can change to ‘fit in’ to the new world you find yourself in.

Most people don’t like change – its tough to consciously do something in a different way that you’ve done in the same way for months or even years – but very few of us can avoid it these days.

As David once said, “Turn and face the strange.”

Change is strange – it’s unfamiliar, often unwelcome and scary. But when we’re told that change is coming, remember that much of our world remains unchanged. We get carried away focusing on the one thing that is shifting but forget that much of our life remains the same. David also once reminded me that, “It’s always time to question what has become standard and established.”

Its better to constantly look at what we’re doing than wait until it becomes unworkable and starts to fail… in the words of the great man himself, “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” .

Dont forget to send in your change stories – “We can be “heroes” just for one day. “ and look out for my Bowie face flash (coming soon!

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