Coaching for change – Katie’s Story

My previous role was as a manager of a very busy team in Mid/East Devon supporting vulnerable young people on a 1:1 basis to ensure that resilience was built up through some positive interaction with wonderful workers i.e. – my team! It was therefore a difficult thing to go through restructure and find out that the team was being deleted and all of our current roles changing or going.

Having realised that I was going to be made redundant, I contacted a colleague who I knew did career coaching. Having been on some of her very enriching Management Development programmes, I felt that I would like some of her positivity to rub off on me and that I needed someone outside of my usual group of friends/colleagues to go to for impartial advice about what I should do and where I should go!

I had 3 career coaching sessions which enabled me to focus on my strengths and work out some possible career paths.

This was quite a hard time in my professional life; I had to say goodbye and give exit interviews to 9 members of a fabulous team as well as finishing off all the processes well and thinking about my own career direction. Career coaching and the support given by Jo made a really positive impact on me and I have found a new job within a different DCC service which I have just started.

Link: Coaching for Change (Internal link)

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