Designing the chameleon – Lesley’s Story

Meet our first change maker – logo winner Lesley Robbins

We wanted to find out more about our winning logo designer as the chameleon has been such a success. It turns out that as well as a being an artist, Lesley Robbins is also an expert in winkles, earning her the nickname of Mrs Tiddywinkle, and still finds time to do her day job as a Social Care Assessor for Adults in Barnstaple.

Lesley has always painted and used to create huge canvases as well as take commissions from friends. Then life, work and family got in the way and she stopped doing any art.  She saw the competition on the source and decided to take it as a sign to “get back into it again”. Lesley sat at the table with her 16 year old daughter who was doing her GCSE art project and they both worked away at their pictures. She’d had two ideas – a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis and the chameleon. The chameleon felt more fun so she went for that…. her zoology degree (where her love of winkles comes from!) helping her capture the animal perfectly.

The week Lesley found out she had won her daughter also won an art competition at school, prompting her husband to say he was surrounded by artists, which made Lesley realise she need to start painting again. The win acted as a real boost in confidence for her, who hasn’t stopped painting since! She has been creating water colours and is really enjoying working alongside her daughter at the kitchen table.

Lesley did point out that there are 200 species of chameleons and by adding the crest, our graphic designer has changed its species, but she says that’s ok! She also thinks that our decision to name him Ziggy in honour of the great chameleon of the music world, David Bowie, is a good one. “I was calling him Charlie but Ziggy suits him just as well”.

Thanks again to Lesley for putting pen to paper and we wish you all the best with the painting…..

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