Parking exemptions for front-line staff – Sally’s Story

Sally has been looking for ways to improve recruitment and retention in commissioned community-based personal care.  Through listening to providers and shadowing a care worker, she discovered that parking was a major problem for workers across Devon, particularly in urban and coastal areas.

After lots of conversations with colleagues across DCC and in particular, Chris Rook from Traffic Management, an existing traffic exemption rule was discovered.  A quick survey to a group of community-based personal care providers, health and social care staff revealed that hardly anyone knew about this exemption!

Sally and Chris devised a special permit for front-line workers to print off, allowing them to park (without time limit or the requirement to pay) in areas of limited waiting, residents parking and Pay and Display.

Working with colleagues in social care, procurement, partners in health and the communications team, Sally made sure that everyone heard about the permit, how they could get hold of one and how to use it.

The impact has gone much further than Sally initially envisaged, with staff across adult and children’s social care and health workers also benefiting.

Colleagues and partners no longer have to waste precious time finding a parking space, searching for the right change or getting parking fines when dealing with unexpected client situations.

Rose, Family Practitioner says “… There is a massive amount of efficient financial and time saving – I spend over £60 a month just on parking tickets then have to go through the process each month of claiming this money back. This will help deliver more quality service, spend much needed quality time supporting our young people and assist us in managing work/caseloads more effectively.”

A community-based personal care provider says:  “Care workers are less stressed …. It’s easier for care workers to arrive on time for visits. It lessens anxiety for people waiting for care workers and allows care workers to be more focused on the individual….”

Helen, Nurse Team Leader says:  “More time spent with caring for patients means a better service and more capacity to see more patients.”

Roxanne, Recovery Worker, summed it up in one sentence: “it will save hours and pounds over time!”

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