Enabling teams – Sarah’s Story

It was with trepidation that I started the process of applying for a post for the ‘new’ Enabling Teams.  Would I be successful? Would the new Enabling format work? How was everything going to fit together? – It was all very unnerving.

I got the position I applied for!

My ‘new’ colleagues were a mix of the previous Enabling, Access to Employment and Independent Living Services. We all got on well and, nearly three year’s on, we are a solid, cohesive, and effective team. Each team member has their own strengths and weaknesses that together has created a very successful unit.  The Team has a real ‘can do’ attitude and people centred ethos which is nurtured and given to us by our Manager.

In all my years of work I have never been as happy as I am in my present position.

Every day brings new and diverse challenges yet the support of my colleagues is unwavering.

The new way of working has proved to be very successful.  We have up to twelve weeks to work with someone which makes the Enabling much more streamlined and task orientated.  Our aim is to enable people to retain, regain or experience for the first time a fuller sense of independence. Our holistic approach to each person empowers them to reach their potential and lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Once the enabling concludes many people are confident to move forward using the available community support such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau and have no need of on-going paid support.  Others have had no increase to their support package but the referral would have suggested an increase was going to be inevitable.

I never expected to see such positive life altering experiences as a result of the team’s interventions.  People have conquered seemingly insurmountable obstacles, changing their lives gaining an independence they never dreamed.  Their feelings of wellbeing and self esteem have been boosted.

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