Design for success – Kelly’s Story

The Devon Armed Forces Community Wellbeing Partnership asked me to create a booklet telling veterans in Devon what services are available to help them successfully make the transition to civilian life. I suggested following the ‘double diamond’ design process to work through the problem and implement the solution uncovered by this process. The Partnership Board agreed and I worked with the Project Manager to organise the research and discovery process. We developed the solution of an online service directory that collated local and national services and information in to one place and could be easily maintained. The Board approved the solution and funded the build and design. The website was launched at the Armed Forces Community Wellbeing Partnership event in December.

What difference has it made?

This project has proved how effective the design process is in helping us to articulate the problem, research the issues and then design the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. Users now have a product which will meet their needs and stakeholders have a sustainable solution which they feel invested in because they were part of the development at every stage.

We can now use this example to show how successful the design process is and encourage others to use this approach.

“The website is a much needed and valuable platform to keep things moving.”
Ben, Veterans Support Group

“The design process that Kelly has led us through has been fantastic. This approach has resulted in a product that is designed by and for the target audience, and is a sustainable solution for the future. Evidence of such a robust process has also been key in helping us to win funding from the Ministry of Defence Armed Forces Covenant Fund for the project.”
Lara Snowdon, Advanced Public Health Practitioner/project manager


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