A template for change – Will’s Story

Starting a new role 3 years ago, I quickly became overawed with the volume of work. I needed to do something about it, and investigated ways to improve my time management.

This resulted in a number of changes, including setting up signatures in my outlook that covered short, but frequently sent email correspondence. For example, in my responses to Local Authorities, emails with instructions to other DCC departments attached (Finance/Legal/Traffic Policy), and even just to let reception know of when visitors are coming, I have a standard template saved as an email signature for which only one or two changes are needed – rather than writing a fresh email each time.

Whilst I don’t actively seek to set up new templates, as and when I send an email that I believe will come up again, I add it to my signatures.

What difference has it made?

Helps to save a little bit of time. Each time the signatures are used it probably only saves 1-2 minutes, but added up across the week, month and then year the saving is significant.

This alone is one of many small changes, individually they may only offer limited benefit, say 15-30 mins a week, but the combination of a number of these changes saves hours – drastically improving efficiency.

The end result, I spend less time drafting standard emails, and more time doing the important parts of my job!

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