Standards for employers and social workers

The Standards apply to all employers of social workers. They apply to registered social workers employed within an organisation, as well as managers and social work students. They are published by LGA on behalf of the Social Work Reform partners.

Devon County Council has reviewed the standards in order to understand our current position and how we are progressing towards meeting them.

You can find out more about the Standards on the Local Government Association website.

In addition to the actual standards themselves, on this webpage you also be able to download:

  • a new audit tool
  • an action plan template
  • what you should expect as a Social Worker

To ensure all staff within Children’s Social Care have an opportunity to find out more about the Employer Standards, members of the senior management team will be sharing the Standards with teams in the coming months. There is also a useful document that sets out what Social Workers at DCC can expect in which you will find some very useful updates on ongoing activities and work within the service area.