The launch of the Jam Room Sessions (Lunch and learn)

From today we are introducing some informal lunch time learning sessions for staff to help people think differently and do differently.

The Lunch and Learn sessions in the Jam Room will adopt a virtual un-conference approach, which enables you to create the agenda by pitching a topic of your choice, which will then be open for others to vote on, with the most popular becoming a session and programmed in.

They can be presenter led, where an individual has a talk they would like to give on a certain topic to present some ideas or share a new model of technique.… Read the rest

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To reiterate…

Back in the good old days of hard copy publishing life was simple. You wrote and designed a leaflet, spent three months going through a mere 13 or 14 rounds of amendments before it was signed off, sent it to print and moved on to the next job. Safe in the knowledge that you could forget all about the leaflet until it needed updating in a couple of years. Lovely.

So our web approach should be no different, right? Write the content, get it signed off, upload it and forget about it. Job done. You’ve also got the added of bonus of no print costs and unlimited space so you can put everything up there.… Read the rest

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Making collaboration and sharing more visible

Like 88 other organisations with about 80 of those local authorities we’ve joined LocalGov Digital’s Pipeline network to share the work we’re doing and look for opportunities to join up with other councils and public sector bodies to collaborate on digital work.

We’ve already added some of our work around the redesign of our homepage which we’re developing as part of our website rebuild and migration into WordPress and we will add more projects as we go forward. A few in the team have also joined and are following and commenting on other peoples projects, its becoming a great resource and networking tool already.… Read the rest

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Introducing the Open ExCHANGE Collective

This is a collaborative guest post co-ordinated by Clare Salmon – Change Manager at Cornwall Council.
Contributors include: Sara Cretney – Organisational Change Manager @ Devon County Council, Ben Rom – Organisational Change manager @ Cornwall Council, Anne Barnett – HR Performance Manager @ Devon County Council, Jason Williams – Customer Standards and Digital Mgr @Cornwall Council and Carl Haggerty – Digital Comms Mgr @ Devon County Council.

Open Exchange Collective (OEC)

The Open Exchange Collective is a group of like-minded individuals connected by a passion for collaboration across the public sector. It evolved from discussions about public sector collaboration, and the gap that exists in terms of reaching out beyond organisational boundaries.… Read the rest

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#HumanData Discovery Project – The Data Loop

Back in June as part of XJam Gov we worked with Service Design agency Redfront to test out a Data Canvas – It was a new experience for those who were involved in the testing but it really helped humanise data and got us thinking about the interactions around data more…

The good news is that as part of the evolution of the data canvas Redfront have been busy developing the next iteration.

#humandata is a Discovery Project which looks at how we can take data beyond the realm of developers and hackers and put it into the hands of everyone.… Read the rest

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Cultivating the Common; Inspiring our Vision and Operating Model

Cultivating the Common; lets get serious about coproduction

Inspiring our Vision and Operating Model

You may not have realised it at the time, but local government probably featured in your earliest experiences. Perhaps the municipal park comes to mind, with carefully laid out and tended flowerbeds and an occasional caution to “Keep off the Grass”. Thoughtfully designed, professionally maintained but rather paternalistic, the park could serve as a metaphor for traditional “top down” services. But funding cuts and spiralling demand have compelled us to face up to long standing limitations of this approach.

Simon Parker of the New Local Government Network (NLGN) uses the idea of landscape to describe how decisions taken now will affect local places and communities in the long term.… Read the rest

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Open Data Comes to Devon

It is great news that Devon is now home to an Open Data Institute (ODI) Node, which formed only recently. The new Communications Node will work with councils, emergency services, community organisations, business and citizens across the county to improve innovation and boost transparency in every sector.

Official Press Release is available here

ODI Devon is hosted by Service Design agency Redfront, in partnership with the Council. Redfront’s international networks will help to provide new perspectives and partnership opportunities for the Node, while further developing its research projects around data and Service Design. Lucy Knight and Martin Howitt are the key contacts at the council around this work and are working very closely with Redfront to help make this grow and develop further.… Read the rest

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Unpicking data and using it to shape development

One of the changes we've made to this blog recently is a drive to make it more dynamic, with regular, snappy updates about projects, ideas or anything else related to change and transformation. As I haven't contributed for, ahem, quite a while, I'll use that as an excuse for the less-than-snappy post that follows. This actually started out as a report about a specific piece of work, which evolved into a blog post as I thought it was worth sharing. I hope people find it interesting.

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Switching from Digital to Devon

From today we have opened up the blog to anyone across the council who is working on change and transformation projects

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Getting the digital message out to parish and town councils

Social media session with South West County Secretaries of the Association of Local Councils.

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