Car parking consultation begins this week

Cattle Market car park

Posted on: 4 April 2017

North Devon Council is carrying out a review of parking in Barnstaple.

The council has appointed consultants, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), who will be working with Hydrock to conduct research and draw up a parking strategy for the town. The aim of the strategy will be to improve parking options based on current and future needs, reduce congestion, improve air quality, encourage sustainable transport and explore innovative ideas to meet seasonal parking demands.

Survey reply cards will be left on windscreens in car parks across the town on four days; two in the Easter holidays (Friday 7 April and Saturday 15 April) and two days after the schools go back (21 and 22 April). This will ensure a good mix of shoppers, employees and leisure users.

Economic Development Manager, Ellen Vernon, says: “Parking is an important element of our regeneration plans for the town. We need to understand who is using Barnstaple’s car parks, how often and why. We want to find out as much as we can to ensure our future plans meet their needs, keep traffic congestion to a minimum and keep the town centre vibrant.”

The council will be considering a number of factors including:

• the impact of free car parking
• car park revenue
• easier access to rail and road improvements
• smart payment and booking systems
• charging points for electric cars
• the impact of housing growth
• car park capacity

5 comments on “Car parking consultation begins this week

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you for your comments, they will be taken into consideration.

  2. PHILIP STEELE says:

    If the council is serious about keeping the town centre alive why not charge a levy for every out of town parking space and use the money to provide free parking in the town this would help to level the playing field. Also providing more pay on exit car parks will help people to spend more time using the town centre, not having to rush around the town constantly aware that they are on a time deadline in a pay and display car park with the prospect of a hefty fine if they stop for a coffee and overstay

    • graham principe says:

      Can you tel me where it says photographic number plate recognition cannot be used for collecting parking fees being specific to pay on exit and the official reason this has been stopped.As i would like Philip Steel see the reasoning are you trying to kill the town or just small businesses.

  3. Dianne Cooper says:

    I am a little disappointed that there is no mention of residents in this review. I have lived at Rolle Quay in Barnstaple for 33 years and until October 2016 was able to purchase a permit to park in Rolle Quay car park. After the council’s review last year , it was decided to change Rolle Quay to short stay only. This car park is now under used and at times there are only 3 to 4 cars parked at peak times, this is extremely frustrating for the residents of Rolle Quay. I was advised to use Fairview car park, but this has become increasingly busy as there now appears a shortage of long stay parking for residents and workers. Since the road works commenced at the North Devon District Hospital many of their staff are using Fairview Carpark causing difficulties for the parents of pupils at Pilton Bluecoat school and people who work in Barnstaple. Please can you consider carefully any decision as these decisions impact greatly on people’s lives.

  4. Phillip Walker says:

    I regularly use the car park on Pilton Causeway by the Olde Sheepskin factory.
    A days parking for under £3 is a value for money and encourages me to walk into town.
    Please don’t change this car park.

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