Locality Budgets

Devon County Councillor Locality Budgets 2015/16

Each of the 62 Devon County Councillors has a Locality Budget Fund of £10,000 that they can use to respond to local needs over the period to 31 March 2016. Councillors can, if they wish, make grants to support projects or activities that benefit the communities they represent.

Locality Budget funding adds value to projects that are beneficial to local communities, and help meet the Council’s strategic objectives as described in the Council’s Better Together 2014-2020 plan. Projects are diverse and reflect the needs of local communities. Projects should include some other financial contribution(s) and/or local support.

Any properly constituted not-for-private profit voluntary or community group (including town and parish councils) can apply to their local County Councillor for a grant from the Locality Budget Fund.

Each Councillor will make their own decision on which applications they wish to support provided that:

  • the Locality Budget Fund grant will be used by 31 March 2016
  • the grant is not used to benefit individuals or private businesses

Examples of projects which are unlikely to be supported by Councillors for a Locality Budget Fund grant include:

  • Paying the on-going salary costs of a person employed by a not for private profit voluntary or community group (including a town and parish council)
  • meeting the costs of an outing, trip, holiday or excursion by an individual or group of people
  • services or activities that are the responsibility of a Parish or Town Council (precept)
  • political activities
  • Projects where the sole or majority beneficiaries are animals (i.e. animal charities, animal rescue, animal therapy).

You can find details of the grants which Councillors have already made from their Locality Budget Fund by viewing their individual profile pages.

To discuss a Locality Budget Fund application, you should contact your local County Councillor in the first instance. You can also view a map of each of the Council’s 62 electoral divisions. If your County Councillor wishes to support your application, you should complete Part A of this application form and then send it to the Councillor so that they can complete Part B.

If your project or activity is eligible for locality budget funding, the Council will, after payment, request feedback about the benefits achieved and ask for confirmation that the whole payment has been used for the agreed purpose. The Council’s Media and PR service will be interested in local publicity about projects and activities that are supported with locality budget funding. They can be contacted by email at or telephone 01392 382173.