Overview – Care and support is changing for the better

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Easyread: The 2014 Care Act is an easyread summary of the Care Act guidance.

From April 2015, care and support in England is changing for the better. The new Care Act will help make the care and support system more consistent across the country.

Changes to the way care and support is provided mean you may be able to get more help so that you can carry on caring and look after your own wellbeing.

‘Care and support’ is the term used to describe help for adults of all ages with things like washing, dressing, eating, getting out and about and keeping in touch with friends or family.

Many of us will need care and support at some point in our lives, and most people will pay at least something towards the cost of their care. The new national changes are designed to help you plan for the future and put you more in control of the help you receive. Any decisions about your care and support will consider your wellbeing and what is important to you and your family, so you can stay healthy and remain independent for longer.

If you receive care and support, or you support someone as a carer, you will be in control of decisions that affect you and you could benefit from the changes.


The Care Act overview

The Care Act represents the most significant reform of care and support in more than 60 years, putting people and their carers in control of their care and support. There are new entitlements for carers to help them maintain their caring role and their life outside their caring role. All carers will be entitled to an assessment and if eligible for support for particular needs, they will have a legal right to receive support for those needs, just like the people they care for.

We will offer information and advice to help everyone understand what support they’ll need to help them better plan for the future. And, this isn’t just about making things easier to understand – it’s also about changing the way we care for people.

These changes will give people more choice and control over how they’ll pay for their care and support.


What are the proposed main Care Act reforms?

From April 2015

From 2020

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