Adult Social Care Peer Challenge 2015

Devon County Council has commissioned from the Local Government Association a Peer Challenge of Adult Social Care. This is not an inspection but an opportunity for a team of people who understand the pressures of running a local authority to review the Council’s practices in a challenging but supportive way. It includes an assessment of current achievements and provides recommendations of how further improvements can be made.


The Peer Challenge Team

The Peer Challenge will take place week beginning 15 June 2015.

The scope of the Challenge has been agreed with the LGA team, led by Maggie Rae of Wiltshire Council and coordinated by Paul Clarke of the LGA.



The scope of the challenge is:

An overview of adult social care and related functions in the following areas:

  • Outcomes for people who need care and support to improve independence and wellbeing.
  • Vision, strategy and leadership.
  • Resource and workforce management.
  • Service delivery and effective practice.
  • Commissioning and market shaping.


A thematic focus on our approaches to demand management:

  • Primary and secondary prevention.
  • Tertiary prevention, including edge of care services such as social care reablement and community enabling.
  • Information and advice.
  • Strength-based assessment.


A deeper dive into:

  • Information/advice/signposting and assessment in CareDirect Plus
  • The effectiveness and reach of social care reablement
  • Our Prevention Strategy, including the effectiveness of current delivery
  • Our Information and Advice Strategy, including the effectiveness of current delivery


The process of the Peer Challenge will include self-assessment; document review; case audits; onsite work for four days; key findings and practical suggestions for improvement; a written summary report and recommendations and optional follow-up support or workshop activity.