Safeguarding vulnerable adults

If you see, hear or suspect a vulnerable adult is being abused in any way, please tell someone.

Contact Care Direct on 0345 1551 007 or email Care Direct is open to take calls from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. Outside these hours and on Sundays and Bank Holidays, in emergency only, contact the Emergency Duty Service on 0345 6000 388.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults is everyone’s business. It depends on people:

  • being aware of the risks of abuse and neglect that vulnerable adults can face
  • knowing what help is available
  • understanding their responsibilities
  • working together to report and investigate concerns
  • working together to prevent abuse and neglect.

The Devon Safeguarding Adults Board aims to ensure that organisations work together to achieve all of these things in order to protect vulnerable adults in Devon.

We have written a Vision of Support for Vulnerable Adults which explains how we will work together with health and community partners to provide services for vulnerable adults.

Vulnerable adults can be more likely to be targeted by scammers and con artists. If you think you, or someone you know or care for, are being scammed there is help and support available.

If you are a member of DCC staff and believe that a service user may be affected by financial scams or abuse, discuss the risk with them and, if possible, identify their preferred outcomes. If there is enough information available consider raising an alert with the Safeguarding Adults Team.

I want more information about:

Domestic violence
Managing someone else’s affairs
Scams, Rogue Traders and Doorstep Crime
The Mental Capacity Act 2005

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