Support with meals

If you have difficulty preparing or cooking meals and you do not have a friend, relative or neighbour available to help, here are some suggestions you may like to consider:

  • Private local suppliers – specialist suppliers of frozen ready meals have a wide choice of menus and will deliver direct to your home. Many supermarkets and shops stock a good selection of frozen meals, and some cafes, pubs, restaurants and care homes offer meals which they may be able to deliver to your home.
  • Lunch clubs – if you would like to meet other people at a lunch club or social club we can tell you about clubs near to where you live.
  • Home cooking – you may choose to employ someone such as a home care assistant, either to help you do your own cooking or to do it for you. If you are recovering from an illness, bereavement or a stay in hospital, reablement could help you regain your confidence to start cooking again.

For more information contact Care Direct on 0845 1551 007 who will be able to provide you with lists of services and agencies in your area. If your difficulty is going out to shop for food or with other aspects of your daily life, please tell us, we may be able to suggest ways to help.

To find out if you are eligible to have meals delivered – known as Community Meals (previously Meals on Wheels) please read our Assessment for care services factsheet or contact Care Direct on 0845 1551 007. We carefully consider each request for support and we must give priority to people with the greatest need.

Frozen meals

If you are eligible we can arrange the delivery of appetising, nutritious, frozen meals fortnightly.

You can choose from a range of main courses and desserts which you can heat up and serve yourself. The minimum delivery is eight meals so please make sure you have enough room in your freezer. If you do not have a freezer, a small, table top one can be lent to you. You will also need an oven or microwave to heat the meals or a servotherm heating device can be provided. You will be shown how to use the equipment safely.

You will be told on which day your meals will be delivered. It is important that you are at home as the meals must be put in the freezer immediately – your delivery person can help you.

Hot meals

If you are eligible for Community Meals but are not able to re-heat them safely, a hot, two course meal can be delivered to you at lunchtime, or other arrangements can be made to make sure you receive a meal.

If you follow a special diet for health reasons (for example, diabetic, low potassium or gluten free), or for cultural and religious reasons, this can be catered for as long as advance notice is given.

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