Electronic equipment to help you

Electronic equipment is usually called Telecare. It aims to help people stay safe at home, and keep them in control and as independent as possible. You can find further detailed information in our Telecare factsheet.

What is Telecare?

Telecare means electronic sensors and detectors which use your telephone line to link to a call centre.

There are different types of sensors and detectors, the right ones for you will depend on your individual situation.

Electronic equipment diagram

How can Telecare help me?

Example 1 – If you are a bit unsteady or wobbly on your feet, or you have fallen recently then a fall detector might be helpful.

You wear it and if you fall it notices and triggers an alarm in the call centre. You, or someone you have nominated, will then get a phone call to check if you need any help.

Example 2 – If you live alone and may need to call for help you can carry a personal or independent alarm.

You wear the alarm round the house and if you need help you press the button. The call centre will then call you and find out what you need.

How do I use Telecare?

Electronic equipment flowchart

Telecare can be used by most people and is aimed at adults of all ages. Each person will have their own individual plan so the call centre will know what to do if the alarm is triggered.

This plan includes who to contact, and any special considerations that are needed when making contact, such as being hard of hearing.

How do I get Telecare?

If you think that you, a relative or someone you care for might need help in this way contact Care Direct on 0845 1551 007 or email csc.caredirect@devon.gov.uk to speak to us about having a social care needs assessment.

If you have already had an assessment and are already receiving help from us, it may be possible to have Telecare equipment as part of your support. Speak to your care manager or social worker about this.

You can also arrange and pay for Telecare yourself using one of the Devon community alarm providers. You can find details of the providers below or by calling Care Direct on 0845 1551 007.

The Independent Living Centre
– find the right products to help you
Call24 – Plymouth-based Telecare provider
Torbay Lifeline Alarms – part of Torbay NHS Care Trust
Tunstall Healthcare – international Telecare provider

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