Short-term support to stay independent

When you first come home from hospital you might need some temporary help with things like getting dressed or washed or getting around the house. Until you feel you can manage on your own, our Social Care Reablement Service may be able to help. More information can be found in our Social Care Reablement factsheet.

If you think that you, a relative or someone you care for might need help in this way contact Care Direct on 0845 1551 007 or email to speak to us about having a social care needs assessment.

Often, after a short period of reablement (usually up to six weeks) most people find they can manage on their own and don’t need any more help, but others will need continuing support. Towards the end of your reablement programme we will talk with you about your long-term health support needs, how you can get help in meeting those needs and how we might be able support you with the costs of that help.

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